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 Viestin otsikko: TALLINN MUSIC WEEK (TMW) festari 5-8.4.2018
 Viesti Lähetetty: 01 Helmi 2018, 15:02 

Liittynyt: 02 Maalis 2007, 15:48
Viestit: 393
Paikkakunta: stadi
Järjestyksessään kymmenes Tallinn Music Week järjestetään tuttuun tapaan kevään kynnyksellä . Vuosittain kasvanut tapahtuma on laajentunut myös sisältönsä puolesta: musiikki- , taide- ja ravintola- festivaaliksi. Ympäri Tallinnan keikkapaikkoja ja ravintoloita levittäytyvä Tallinn Music Week (TMW) esittelee keikoillaan uutta musiikkia sekä paikallisin että kansainvälisin artistein, 250 esiintyjää 18 maasta.

Esiintymässä 2018 TMW festivaalilla mm. Battle Beast (FI), Ismo Alanko and Kimmo Pohjoinen (FI), Helhorse (DK), Holy Motors (EE), Gnucci (SE), The Magnetts(SE), Suzi Wu (UK), Stillhead (UK), The Toasters (USA), D/troit (DK), Mörk (HU), The Grand Astoria (RU) Fula Express (IL), Axel Thesleff (Fi). Lisää esiintyjiä julkaistaan lähikuukausina, yhteensä 250 esiintyjää!

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) on valiittu maailman parhaiden talvifestivaalien joukkoon!


Vuoden 2018 juhlavuoden matkalle ilmoittautumisia otetaan jo vastaan, ilmoittautumiset 5.3 mennessä!

Lähde mukaan viettämään kolme päivää Tallinnassa, lisätiedot TMW 2018 matkasta:

 Viestin otsikko: Re: TALLINN MUSIC WEEK (TMW) festari 5-8.4.2018
 Viesti Lähetetty: 09 Helmi 2018, 18:29 

Liittynyt: 02 Maalis 2007, 15:48
Viestit: 393
Paikkakunta: stadi
"100 new artists added to the music programme of the upcoming Tallinn Music jubilee festival

The core of the TMW anniversary festival is the Creative Impact conference at Tallinn Creative Hub and music showcases across multiple venues in the city on three nights from 5th to 7th April by 250 artists from all around the world. 100 new artists from 22 countries have been announced today.

As part of the European Keychange project two tough female Icelandic artists are joining the line-up: Fever Dream and Hildur. Femme-powered horror rapper Fever Dream, inspired by both Peaches and Tyler, the Creator, challenges patriarchy and calls herself “the champagne of Iceland”. Hildur, a multi-faceted rising pop star with a promising solo career that is spiked with an Icelandic Music Award for Pop Song of the Year 2017, is just as passionate in her fight for equal rights. Akua Naru, a rapper whose music career started in the Pentecostal congregation in Connecticut, has gained attention with her ability to integrate historical narratives into her music with unmatched eloquence and criticism of gender and race stereotypes. The Moscow duo tema kresta preaches a unique “socialism of the scriptures” avoiding capital letters as their existence itself supposes division by significance. Also from Moscow comes the unpredictable female trio Mirrored Lips, a fascinating crossover of poetry, free jazz and hardcore punk.

Högni from Iceland, known as the member of GusGus and Hjaltalin will present his new solo album “Two Trains”, embracing the spirit of the original European avant-garde. Whilst his compatriot, a d’n’b and ambient producer Subminimal dives into deep groove and dark sub-base, then Belgium's finest indie rock band Intergalactic Lovers plays with the formulas of classic postpunk.

One of the favourites of the world’s jazz stages, Israeli duo Maya Belsitzman & Matan Ephrat demonstrate virtuous cello and vocal abilities, the Belarus group Shuma a symbiosis of electronic music and pagan songs, and the Danish death metal monster BAEST a raging sound of the ‘buzzsaw’ guitar and windmill headbanging skills.

Maria Minerva, a producer, writer and environmental advocate will arrive in her native Estonia from the US with her ever-evolving concepts and sounds. Maria was named one of the seminal Los Angeles artists by The Guardian in 2017. Among the Estonian additions to the programme is the post-genre maverick Mart Avi, the favourite of TMW’s international delegates last year, as well as drag, pop and punk culture hacker Regret who's now based in the UK, as well as the popular folk band Curly Strings. From the very lively Estonian hip-hop scene the rapper Seaduskuulekus and producer Shromik will present their solo projects. Also among the Estonian artists are Girls In Pearls – a synthpop group and semi-finalist of the Estonian national selection for Eurovision, the soulpop band Rake, the folk act Duo Malva & Priks with their thick and electronically seasoned tunes, the internationally acclaimed Children’s Choir Ellerhein and many others."

 Viestin otsikko: Re: TALLINN MUSIC WEEK (TMW) festari 5-8.4.2018
 Viesti Lähetetty: 12 Helmi 2018, 22:35 

Liittynyt: 02 Maalis 2007, 15:48
Viestit: 393
Paikkakunta: stadi
"Tallinn Music Week 10!
Metal Stage

Organized by Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and Damn.Loud agency, Metal Stage will bring you wide variety of the best metal, hardcore and punk acts from the area. Total of 14 bands from 7 different countries will perform on 2 stages at Tallinn’s most magnificent venue – Von Krahl Theatre, located in the heart of the old town. Divided into 2 floors Von Krahl offers it’s visitor 2 high-quality stages, numerous bars, chill-out zones as well as spacious outside garden. TMW Metal Stage 2018 programme will bring to Tallinn 14 artists from really high varienty of genres : metal, hardcore, shoegaze, punk, crust, grindcore and many more are presented.
Through the years this show has always gathered hundreds of heavy music fans from Estonia and abroad – the party is not to be missed. Tickets are on sale now!

Autism - Band (LT)
Devlsy (LT)
Kolchak / Колчак (RU)
Helhorse (DK)
Neoandertals (EE)
Omertà (LV)
Rotten Sperm (EE)
Show Me A Dinosaur (RU)
Sociasylum (EE)
The Grand Astoria (RU) "

Lähde mukaan viettämään kolme päivää Tallinnassa. HUOM! FESTARILIPUN HINTA NOUSEE 20.2!

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