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 Viestin otsikko: M/V: CD & LP (Absurd, Der Stürmer, Manowar, GG Allin jne)
 Viesti Lähetetty: 16 Tammi 2018, 23:46 

Liittynyt: 24 Heinä 2014, 15:19
Viestit: 0
Paikkakunta: Turku
Peruskamaa ja harvinaisuuksia pois hyllyiltä pölyttymästä ja tilaa viemästä. Hinta ja kunto selviävät kysymällä. Korkeampia hintoja en kisko muista kuin harvinaisuuksista.

Vaihdossa kelpaavat:

- kirjat (historia, mytologia, Suur-Suomi, ekofasismi, Eero Paloheimo jne.)
- levyt (esim. Decoryah, Šostakovitš, Parnassus, martial industrial)
- DVD:t (esim. historia-ja sotadokumentit, Jörg Buttgereit)
- lehdet (esim. Elonkehä, vanhat Historia-lehdet (huom. ei se Bonnierin paska))
- ehdota!


Abruptum: In umbra malitiae ambulabo... (DSP)
Absurd: Asgardsrei (digipack Valknut Records)
Abyssic Hate: Suicidal emotions
AC/DC: Back in black (digipack)
Ad Hominem: A new race for a new world
Ad Hominem: Climax of hatred
Ad Hominem: Dictator - a monument of glory
Agathocles: Theatric symbolisation of life
Amestigon: Höllentanz EP
Amorphis: Elegy
Amorphis: Tuonela
Ancestors Call: When the forest calls EP
Angelscourge: Seraph impaler (UUSI)
Antaeus: Cut your flesh and worship Satan (digipack)
Antaeus: Blood libels (digipack)
Antiseen: The boys from brutalsville + bonus tracks & DVD (digipack)
Archon Satani: Memento mori
Aryan Blood/Evil split EP
Babylon Whores: Deggael MCD
Baltak: Zaginatiot grad
Bannerwar: To honour fatherland
Bathory: Hammerheart
Bathory: Blood on ice
Bathory: Nordland I
Before God: Wolves amongst the sheep
Beherit: At the Devil's studio
Belketre: Ambre Zuèrkl Vuorhdrévarvtre
Belmez: Berserker
Belmez: Siechtum
Black Crucifixion; The fallen one of flames MCD
Blasphemy: Gods of war/Blood upon the altar (digipack)
Blood For Blood: Wasted youth brew
Bound For Attack: Loved by few, hated by many, feared by all -split
Bound For Glory: Warriors glory
Break The Sword: The unseen war
Bronson: Bronson
Bronson: Roma tiger punk
Burzum: Umskiptar (digibook)
Cave, Nick: Murder ballads (digipack)
Carcass: Reek of putrefaction
Carpathian Forest: Strange old brew
Celtic Frost: Monotheist
Chaos 88: Damaged goods EP
Charnel Winds: Der teufelsbund
Conqueror: Hammer of antichrist
Crucifixion Wounds: War summoning MCD
Crucifier: The ninth year

Danse Macabre: E V A
Danzig: III how the gods kill
Danzig: Circle of snakes
Dark Fury/White Devils/War split: Alliance in hate
Darkthrone: Soulside journey (Peaceville 1990)
Darkthrone: Ravishing grimness
Deeds Of Flesh: Trading pieces
Deicide: When Satan lives
Deicide: In torment in Hell
Denial of God: The horrors of Satan
Der Stürmer: The blood calls for W.A.R.!
Der Stürmer: Bloodsworn
Der Stürmer/Totenburg: Si vis pacem para bellvm -split (digipack)
Destruction: Mad butcher + Eternal devastation
Diaboli: Towards damnation (Fullmoon Prod)
Dissection: Maha Kali EP
Division Germania: Manifest
Dying Breed: Day of reckoning
Endupdead: And the hell followed them
Enthroned: Carnage in worlds beyond
Evil: Iron and thunder
Evil: Pagan fury 1994-1996
Exordium: In wrath principle
Fear Factory: Soul of a new machine + Fear is the mindkiller 2 CD
Fear Factory: Transgression + DVD
Forest: In the name of glory
Forest: s/t
Frostkrieg: Majestätic eines kalten elements
Funeral Mist: Devilry MCD
GG Allin: The troudled troubador
GG Allin: Freaks, faggots, drunks & junkies
Goatpenis: Trotz verbot, nicht tot
Grand Belial's Key: Judeobeast assassination (Drakkar)
Graveland: Raise your sword! EP
Grinded Nig: Freezer full of nigger heads
Grom: Pagan war machine MCD
Grom/Sunwheel -split: Beastial onslaught/Prophecies of the aryan moon
Gwar: This toilet earth
Gwar: America must be destroyed

Havohej: Dethrone the son of god
Hate Unit: s/t
Honor/Graveland - split: Raiders of revenge (digipak)
Immortal: At the heart of winter
Impaled Nazarene: Nihil
Impaled Nazarene: Pro Patria Finlandia (digipack)
Impiety: Paramount evil (digipack)
In Slaughter Natives: Resurrection
Incantation: The forsaken mourning of angelic anguish EP
Iron Maiden: Dance of death
Iron Maiden: Brave new world
Iron Maiden: A matter of life and death
Iron Maiden: Final frontier
Isengard: Vinterskugge (digipack)
Iuvenes: Riddle of steel
Iuvenes: Towards sources of honour and pride
Iuvenes: Triumph of the will EP
Judas Priest: British steel (w/ bonus tracks)
Judas Priest: Living after midnight
Katatonia: Tonight's decision
Katharsis: The fourth reich
Krieg: The church MCD

Maleficia: Songs of the nightbird
Malicious Onslaught: Brutal gore
Manowar: Sign of the hammer
Manowar: Battle hymns
Manowar: Kings of metal
Manowar: The triumph of steel
Marduk: Live in Germania
Marduk: Blackcrowned box (2 CD + VHS)
Marduk: La Grande danse macabre
Marduk: Warschau
Megadeth: Peace sells... but who's buying?
Misfits: Legacy of brutality
Mistreat: The flame from the North
Mistreat: Battle cry VARATTU
Mistreat: Never forgive... Never forget
Monstrosity: Millennium (takakansi uupuu)
Monumentum: Metastasi
Morgana Lefay: Fata morgana
Mornaland/Abominator split: Prelude to world funeral...
Motörhead: Ace of spades (kokoelma)
Motörhead: Sacrifice
Motörhead: Bastards
Motörhead: 1916
Motörhead: Orgasmatron (w/ bonus tracks)
Mütiilation: Vampires of black imperial blood (Tragic Empire rex)
Mütiilation: Rattenkönig
My Dying Bride: The angel and the dark river + 4 bonus tracks (digipack)
Neutron Hammer: Extermination hammer MCD
Nokturnal Mortum: Nechrist
Nefandus: Death holy death
Nåstrond: From a black funeral coffin
Octinomos: On the demiurge
Octinomos: Fuckhole armageddon
Ofermod: Mystérion tés anomias MCD + 2 bonus tracks

Pantera: Official live - 101 proof
Pantera: Reinventing the steel
Pantheon: Krihapentswor
Perkele: Erotic circus (digipack)
Plaga: Magia gwiezdnej entropii
Primigenium: Art of war (Fullmoon Productions)
Proclamation: Execration of cruel bestiality
Proclamation: Advent of the black oven
Proclamation: Messiah of darkness and impurity
Profanatica: Disgusting blasphemies against god
The Protagonist: A reboirs
PWA: It's time to awake!
Reservoir Dogs soundtrack
Revenge: Triumph. Genocide. Antichrist
Running Wild: Gates to purgatory
Samael: Rebellion MCD (digipack)
Samhain: The final descent
Sanctus: Lubus in fabula
Satanic Slaughter: s/t (Necropolis)
Sentenced: Shadows of the past
Sentenced: Amok
Sentenced: Down
Sentenced: Frozen
Sinister: Hate
Slayer: Live decade of aggression 2 CD
Slayer: Christ illusion
Slayer: World painted blood
Slogun: The pleasures of death (digipack)
Sotajumala: Teloitus
Spear of Longinus: Nothing is forever, and forever is nothing
SS Bootboys: 3 steps (+ bonus tracks) E.P.
Stahlgewitter: Das hohelied der herkunft
Stormheit: Caelic weold Finnum
Suicidal Winds: Crush us with fire EP

Testament: Souls of black
Unleashed: Warrior (digipack
V/A: Blazebirth Hall: Hammerkrieg (Blazebirth Hall bands compilation)
V/A: Hungarian Skinhead Compilation
V/A: No Colours Compilation III - Victory through domination
V/A: Weird Tales Of Madness Vol 1
Venom: At war with Satan
Viking Crown: Unorthodox steps of ritual (digipack)
Vitsaus: Iäti vihassa ja kunniassa 2CD
Warloghe: Womb of pestilence
W.A.S.P.: WASP/The final command 2 CD
Watain: Sworn to the dark
Weltmacht: And to every beast it's prey
Wewelsburg: Ultima intolerance
Whitehouse: Twice is not enough
Whitehouse: Another crack of the white whip
Whitehouse: Great white death
Wounds: Chaos theory
Wewelsburg: Ultima intolerance
Warage/Wulfhere -split: Pan-Aryan unity


AC/DC: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
AC/DC: Fly on the wall
AC/DC: Razor's edge
Angelcorpse: Iron, blood & blasphemy (gatefold 2LP)
Antiseen: Here to ruin your groove
Blood For Blood: Revenge on society
Carcass: Symphonies of sickness (gatefold ´89)
Dark Angel: Leave scars
Der Stürmer/Totenburg: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum -split
Deströyer 666: Terror Abraxas
GG Allin: Always was, is and always shall be
GG Allin: The masturbation session 10"
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies: Terror in America live 1993
Goatpenis: Inhumanization (UUSI)
Gwar: Scumdogs of the universe
Immortal: s/t 7"
Impaled Nazarene: Manifest 2x10" (UUSI)
Impiety: Asateerul awaleen (UUSI)
Impiety: Skullfucking armageddon
Iron Youth: Faith is stronger than fire (UUSI)
Manowar: Fighting the world
Manowar: Sign of the hammer
Marduk: Plague angel
Misfits: Walk among us VARATTU
Misfits: American psycho VARATTU
Misfits: Die, die my darling
Misfits: Earth A.D. VARATTU
Motörhead: Iron fist
Motörhead: Bomber & Ace of spades (2 LP)
Musta Surma: Riena
Nihilistics: Bad... Dirty... Hate
Profanatica: Profanatitas de domonatia (gatefold UUSI)
Setherial: Hell eternal (UUSI)
Shitter Limited: Saanko nuolla persettäsi Harri Holkeri? VARATTU
Shitter Limited: Anna pillua Helena Pesola VARATTU
Skid Row: s/t
Skrewdriver: All skrewed up
Tankard: The morning after
Tankard: Chemical invasion
Tankard: The meaning of life
V/A: Doomsday News - Thrashing East Live (Kreator, Tankard, Sabbat, Coroner)
W.A.S.P.: The final command
Whiplash: Ticket to mayhem

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