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 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI La 17.9. klo 20-22
 Viesti Lähetetty: 15 Loka 2016, 09:01 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Kzohh: Panoukla DXLII
Bethmoora: Succumb

Mölybdeeni 17.9.16
Shadecrown: Ghostlike Existence
Motorowl: The Highest City Part I
Orphaned Land & Amaseffer: There Is No God For Ishma'el
Dorre: Four Walked into the Ocean
Hostage of Fate: Time
Ungod: Possessed in Trance
Heaven Shall Burn: They Shall Not Pass
Death Design: Drown With Me
Vinterbris: Gazing At A Fallen Sky
Truckfighters: Calm Before The Storm
Riti occulti: Yetzirah
My Funeral: and More Violence
KYPCK: All about us
SPRGM: Valkoinen lippu
OX79: Out of This Maze
Quake The Earth: Blood in Blood Out
Harri Kauppinen: Päättyvän tien päässä
Chine: Floating
Harm: City of the Dead
Nephrolith: Flamespeech
Akasava: The Devil's Tide
Atlas: Black Smoke
Soulwound: Crime and Punishment
Devin Townsend Project: Higher
Paganland: The Gloom
Narthraal: Million Graves To Fill
Hanging Garden: Sirkle Of Onan
Silver Bullet: Buried Alive
Death Is Liberty: To The End
Hanging Garden: Towards the Sun

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Mölybdeenin Spotifysoittolista

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma
 Viesti Lähetetty: 15 Loka 2016, 21:13 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Battle Dagorath: Through the Rite of the Stars
Insomnium: Winter's Gate

Mölybdeeni 15.10.16
Truckfighters: The 1
Devin Townsend Project: Transcendence
Soul Seller: Tide is Down
Dead End Finland: Inside The Void
Bloodride: Planet Alcatraz
Capuchin Punks: Dust and Ash
Afterlife Symphony: The Abyss
Reapter: Tsunami
Zombie Rodeo: Silver Medicine
Dark Tranquillity: The Pitiless
Across the Burning Sky: Call Of The Ancient Gods
Pessimist: Son Of Satan
Re-Armed: Ivory Towers
Black Dreams: Black Heart
Somehow Jo: Go with the Jo
Armored Dawn: William Fly (The Pirate)
Wolf Counsel: Ironclad
Diatonic: The Eyes
Condor: Viejo Jabal°
Amendfoil: Catharsis
Noise Trail Immersion: Placenta
False Gods: Worship As Intellectual Tyranny
Mindscar: Buried Beneath The Snow
Recitations: Godspeak Halilu Lija
Mesarthim: …..
Abysmal Grief: Hearse
Oddhums: Wounds
Black Oath: Reincarnation Of The Highway Cavalier
Heaven Shall Burn: A River Of Crimson
Hanging Garden: Towards the Sun

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma 26.12. klo 18 @Radioverkko
 Viesti Lähetetty: 22 Joulu 2016, 23:46 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Tapaninpäivänä 26.12. klo 18.00 alkaen Radioverkko.FI striimi auki, niin pääsette jouluriennoista karuun todellisuuteen tuoreen äärimetallin sävyttämänä.

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma 26.12. klo 18 @Radioverkko
 Viesti Lähetetty: 26 Joulu 2016, 22:07 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Mölybdeeni 26.12.16
Horizon Of The Mute: Sestina
Ctulu: Totenhauswinde
Barrow Wight: The Cult
Vvorse: Painajainen
Haan: Shake The Meat
Dark Clarity: False God
Dark Tranquillity: Clearing Skies
Booby Trap: Von Beer & Drunkenstein
End all Life: Ravens
Desolate Pathway: Medusa's Lair
Pohjoisen soturit: Naimahauta
The Downspiral To Hell: Outside emptiness
Tongues: Old Hate
Wolf's Hunger: Gvozdeni Puk
Muddy Moonshine: Russian Pussycat Blues
HMS Keelhaul: Fall To The Floor
Hazzard's Cure: Siren's Wail
Callidice: Beast in Me
Heavy Baby Sea Slugs: Teenage Graveyard Party
Marianne toilet the runs: FiFi
Perc3ption: Immortality
Zombieslut: Lord Of Eternal Pain
Bolesno Grinje: Abortus SS
Degrees Of Truth: Fine Art Of Havoc
Era Decay: Sharp Words
Kaos Krew: End My Pride
Four Star Reviva: The Garden of Good and Evil
Voodoo terror tribe: City Of Sixes
Guruzsmas: Night meat
Fraser Edwards: Everdream
Liturgy Of Decay: Suffering The Idyll
Greyablaze: III
Austaras: Seaworthy

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma 30.12. klo 18 @Radioverkko
 Viesti Lähetetty: 29 Joulu 2016, 13:43 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Jouluräyhää tarjoaa Heavyjuuseri tuoreen äärimetallin parissa perjantaina 30.12. klo 18-21.

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma
 Viesti Lähetetty: 28 Tammi 2017, 17:05 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Mölybdeeni 30.12.16
EtMorierum: Sea Of Trees
Forlet Sires: Deadlocked
Beating Dead Meat: The Few and the Proud
Herem: Drowning Steed
Bloodride: Planet Alcatraz
Riftwalker: Intrinsic Degeneration
Diapsiquir: Vitriol Lithium
In My Embrace: Thy Abhorrence
Gentle Savage: Bring Back Rock 'N' Roll
Leprous: The Price
Soulburn: Withering Nights
Sick Of It All: Blood & Steel
Demonic Death Judge: Backwoods
Maschine: Night And Day
Cynic: The Eagle Nature (demo 1991)
Scalpture: No Rest, No Sleep, No Peace
Cumbeast: Guttural Jumanji
Montage: Haunted
Southern drinkstruction: Ass Parking Bitch
Symmetric Organ: Reboot
Guerra Total: Black Speed Rock And Roll
Diktatur: Par le Fer & le Feu
Faces Of The Bog: Slow Burn
Corps Sans Organes: Zero Intensity
Spectral: Nuclear Assault
Damage Limit: 1000 Times
Thunder And Lightning: Silent Watcher
Ufosonic Generator: The Evil Smoke Possession
Seth: Semaj
Realms Of Odoric: Serpent Tower Rising
SpiteFuel: Never Surrender
Doomcult: Wrath
Scarecrow: Macabre night
Trauer: When our heartbeats counting down
Quintessenz: Her Spell
Enemy Of Reality: Time immemorial
Fall Of Carthage: Sick Intentions
Mustan Kuun Lapset: Amor vincit omnia
Lucifer's Fall: (Fuck You) We're Lucifer's Fall
Chronic Hangover: Homuncullus

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma
 Viesti Lähetetty: 02 Maalis 2017, 23:05 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Mölybdeeni 28.1.2017
(Testi-/piilobiisi) Insomnium: Winter's gate
Radien: Varjot
Kladovest: Shore Of Ancient Moons
Rajalla: Ihmisviha
Skallbank: Dödens Ord
Black Light: Indecisive Face
Theosophy: I Saw a Star
Hate Unbound: Suffering
Skeletal: Ravaged
Pain of Salvation: Reasons
Hypocras: At The Edge
Aethyr: The Threshold
Teleport: The Monolith
NORÐ: Omega
Nicole Saboun: Bleeding Faster
Insanity Cult: In My Abysmal Dreams
Mercury Rain: Eldritch Mirror
Thormesis: Lodernd Flammen
Ande: Oud en Vet
Krokus: Quinn The Eskimo
Noctiferia: Holyman
Cyclocosmia: Immured Part II
Blood Region: Heroes
Kratornas: Cadavers of Gods
Amaral: Lo Que Nos Mantiene Unidos
Fabio La Manna: Elohim Song
Xenogramm: Rebuild
Sanctuary: Die For My Sins
Horisont: Without Warning
Sectlinefor: Congratulations

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI Pe 3.3. klo 18-21
 Viesti Lähetetty: 08 Huhti 2017, 11:37 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
Mölybdeeni 3.3.2017
Cranial: Lights
Kaos Krew: Panama
Meraine: Limbs
Freedom Fuel: Good Intentions
Yayla: Mantras Of Separation
StoneGazer: Dionysos Reborn
Murkocet: Dead World
Neoheresy: Karzel
Nighon: Minor Secundus
Achiote: Ghost Under the Sun
Damnation Plan: Blinded Faith
Coldborn: In Solitude
Figure of Six: The Weak One
Cry Excess: Detroit
Paha Kaksonen feat. Rane Rautiainen: Syökää, juokaa, naikaa
Serpico: Ain't Better to Leave
Laments Of Silence: A New Dawn
Foetal Juice: Grave Denied
Trepid Elucidation: Upcoming Reality
A Lie Nation: Into Black Divine
Arch Enemy: War Eternal (Live At Wacken 2016)
Crucify The Faith: New Breed
Vampire: Ghoul Wind
Firespawn: Blood Eagle
Deez Nuts: Discord
Havok: F.P.C.
Svart Crown: Carcosa
Vitja: Six Six Sick
Horisont: Without Warning
The Mute Gods: Animal Army
Exquirla: Destruidnos Juntos
Tim Bowness: Kill The Pain That's Killing You
Haken: Insomnia
Wolfheart: World of Fire
Simo Salminen: Pornolaulu

 Viestin otsikko: Re: MÖLYBDEENI La 22.4. klo 18-21
 Viesti Lähetetty: 22 Huhti 2017, 20:06 

Liittynyt: 20 Loka 2013, 20:41
Viestit: 116
AdVitam: Plagues Of Nothing
Amorphis: Crack in a Stone
Black Sun Aeon: Song for my Wrath
Whispered: Our Voice Shall Be Heard
Babymetal: Awadama fever
Insomnium: The Killjoy
Arkhamin Kirjasto: Synthetic Death
Danzig: Evil thing
Rob Zombie: Super Charger Heaven
Metallica: So what
Death Angel - The Ultra Violence
Opeth: The Leper Affinity

Mölybdeeni 8.4.2017
Noumena: Roihu
Body Count: Walk With Me
Return To Void: Consumer Heaven
Goresoerd: Antikeha
AncarA: The End (Easier Than Love)
A Mournful Path: From the Wreckage of Humiliation
Saarnastuoli: Kohtalon kinnas/Sininen voima
Firespawn: Death By Impalement
Enragement: Raining Bodyparts
Dream Evil: Dream Evil
Deez Nuts: Lessons Learned
Vampire: Metamorfosis
J.T. Lehtonen: Blocked Pipe
Vallenfyre: Kill All Your Masters
Arch Enemy: Bloodstained Cross (Live At Wacken 2016)
My Own Ghost: Weeks Of Summer
Viper Arms: Lucky 7
Pyroxene: Cleansed in Fire
Emptybrook: Smoking weed with Numbskull Emptybrook in the countryside
Black Dreams: You Are So Beautiful When You Are Dead And Cold
Streams: Streams
Final Void: Dianthus

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